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To order services from us:


Step 1: Download our app on your iPhone or iPad here

Step 2: If you do not have an iOS device, please contact us here

Step 3: Fill in the details that are requested on the mobile application

Step 4: Congratulations – you are now ready to place an order via the Mi7 Security Client Mobile App


Benefits of using our Client Mobile Application:

  •  Flexibility to choose your own team
  • Life tracking ensures transparency between Client and Employee
  • Star rating of employees proves quality services
  • Instant order placement on the mobile app
  • Easy and secure invoice settling with PayPal


To find out more about the benefits of using our Client mobile application, contact us.


 To work for us:


Step 1: Apply online here

Step 2: You will receive one confirmation email, and one email asking for more details

Step 3: Email us the details that are requested

Step 4: Download our app on your iPhone or iPad here

Step 5: If you do not have an iPhone or iPad, please inform us here

Step 6: Fill in the details that are requested in the mobile application

Step 7: Wait for an approval confirmation

Step 8: Congratulations – you have now been added to our database and are visible for our Clients!


Our clients have the access to Mi7 Club employee database. Mi7 Club legacy is quality services and complete satisfaction of the client – therefore, the client chooses its team.

You would receive a notification on your mobile application as soon as a client chooses you.

More details on how to use the employee mobile application will be provided on the induction day.