Close Protection Services / Private Bodyguards

Personal Bodyguards – Our Close Protection Approach

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We Provide Excellence in Close Protection Services

If you are looking for close protection for your VIPs, you have come to the right place. Our security procedures vary from one area to another. All our security officers are trained and qualified under the standard SIA close protection. We are the most appropriate choice because we provide high ranking bodyguard service. Where needed, we will do additional training to our officers so they can up their game.

You need special venue security, bodyguard services under our dedicated Close Protection services because you and your family matter a lot. We are the most preferable company to offer this service because we manage highly sensitive personalities, celebrities, politicians and VIPs. Medical doctors, for example need round the clock protection because of the sensitivity of their professions.

We have a dedicated Mi7 Club Hub that provides full access, security and support to all of our clients who need and deserve VIP protection. In addition, we have latest equipment, tools and gadgets that ensure the entire security setup is foolproof.  Each officer is highly trained, qualified and experienced to ensure complete safety of the client.

Our Close Protection officers are ready, willing and able to work in various stressful and hazardous environments. Thanks to their unrivalled professional training and experience, venue security, they provide nothing but fast security and protection services. The following are examples of environments under which our officers operate.

  • Protection at home – We work at private residencies occupied by important people in the society. We can provide adequate security at any time of the day and night for your family and home occupants in general. We also accompany you when you travel for work or for holiday.
  • Protection of Visiting VIPs – Do you have a celebrity, musician, performer or renowned personality visiting from abroad?  Let our services come in handy for your business executives who need top notch security and safety.
  • Residential Security Teams– We like referring to this service as RST. It is a special branch of our close security detail that offers safety to houses and rural seats. Simply put, we go where our clients want us to go.
  • We offer unparalleled safety and protection for ordinary clients and low profile individuals. The fact that they are low profile does not mean we compromise the quality of our protective surveillance. The strategy is just as brilliant as it has ever been.
  • Close protection of homes Family members – Are you worried that your aged parent or a mentally disturbed member of your household will wander away from home and get lost in town? Talk to us now and let us offer assisted protection today.

With the high increase in crimes in our streets and neighborhoods, venue security, your family requires more protection and security today than ever before. We provide security against all sorts of threats, thanks to our close protection services. Our Protection officers are attentive and will work with you to schedule duties. They are so expedient that they always keep an eye on the client. They muster in mind the routine of our customers to offer the safe working and environment that you deserve.  They keep in mind what is happening in the environment to effectively update their plans. We ensure that everyone who comes in contact with our clients is safe as well.