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Private Investigation Services

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Private Investigations

Do you suspect that your matrimonial or professional partner is doing immoral, unethical or illegal practices? Our private investigations department is ready to help you find the truth. If you want to keep an eye on a child, parent or other loved one around you, we are the best in the industry.

We have a pool of private investigators that will leave no stone unturned in the investigation. Whether this is private or professional, we do not discriminate. The investigators at Mi7 Club Ltd boast of more than ten years demonstrable experience. Rest assured that we will give the most relevant information so you can discover what happens behind closed doors.

GPS Tracking System

GPS is a Global tracking approach that retrieves information using a satellite located in space. Thanks to a GPS receiver, we are able to listen and watch the activities of our target. Our dedicated GPS tracking is valuable to invigilate the movements of vehicle, rail or air. We have world-class GPS tracking systems that comb the area where the movement had been detected.

If you want to know who your spouse is talking to over the phone, just obtain a legal permit and talk to us. Company owners and managers who want to spy on their employees will also find this service handy.

Matrimonial Investigation

Just like all other relationships, you need to have transparency with your partner. When that trust is breached or compromised, the need for private investigators arises. If you want to live with your partner in a trusting union, employ the services of Mi7 Club. Let us help you where you need to unveil secrets.

In the United Kingdom, you may need a legal permit to hire a private investigator. Let us advise you how and where to obtain this security document. When all has been said and done, our private investigators possess enviable skill and expertise. They will work undercover to uncover the hidden facts without raising the alarm.