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Security Services


Our Dedicated Security Services

Are you looking for the most proficient security services in the UK? Mi7 Club surpasses your expectations in guarding, protecting and securing your loved ones and property. We have been trusted by hundreds of customers in the past. You are about to benefit from our award-winning service in security and private investigations among others.

We know that you are busy with work, business, school and taking care of loved ones. While we cannot nurse your baby for you, let us do what we know best – providing a range of security services at home and at work. We are proud to introduce the following services that fall under our Security Services portfolio.

CCTV Camera Installation and Monitoring

The fact that numerous security companies exist does not completely deter criminals, burglars and vandals from accessing your home or office. For this reason, we offer this service alongside technology and hardware to keep your property under our watch at all times.

It does not matter if the property is land, building, home or some social event. You will be glad to note that our experience, high reliability and hands-on support come in handy. We have a trained and qualified team of security men and women who give nothing but the best services available anywhere.

Our manned guarding service comes fully adaptable with professionally-trained guards for all sort of security for public, private and commercial events. Do you have a venues or property that needs our attention? Talk to us today as we give these options in conjunction with other services. Examples are stand-alone service, CCTV or security screens ad manned security.

Over the years, we have been chosen because we protect our clients and their property against asset losses and bodily harm. Our event management and property security service leaves your customers delighted. Talk to us if you are planning company functions, weddings, anniversaries, graduation and birthday parties among others.

Residential services for 24/7 on-site security

Are you in need of a visible deterrent to trespassers, burglars and vandals at home, business or office building? We bring various types, designs and sizes of physical barriers to your red carpet event. These devices have high capabilities in crime prevention and crowd control. They are great when raising the alarm or calling our security teams for backup.

The following are benefits that you stand to get from these services:

  • Total security patrols for all sorts of premises –> This includes commercial, residential, venue event, land and construction sites
  • Patrolling guards who work on shift so you are under watch 24/7
  • Security dog patrols –> These guys are well trained and you will marvel at their creativity
  • Adequate warning signs stating the presence of security dogs
  • An extra physical and audible deterrent, ideal for vacant premises and event security
  • Guardhouse security, surveillance and monitoring

All of our guards are professionally trained and thoroughly vetted to ensure their education backgrounds prepare them for the huge task. They are also fully licensed and insured under UK regulations so you can rest assured that we are all SIA-approved. The men and women at Mi7 Club can undertake just any type of surveillance, patrolling and security work.

Door supervision and event management

We like to say that no assignment is too large or too small for us. When you seek our services, deployment is available 24/7 in a number of flexible ways. We work like a tiny army of men and women who will not rest until you get the ultimate security at home, work or social event.

Do you want to detect and deter undesirable things such as drugs, alcohol and guns at your event? Mi7 Club security guard services come complete with professional security dog handlers. These services are tried and tested for effectiveness in reducing violence, theft, criminal damage and or anti-social behavior.

Mi7 Club security guarding service spans UK-wide and includes a national support structure. We like to work in conjunction with local and national management resources for effective service delivery. For example, you will get a quick, 24 hour response to emerging issues and threats. This is handy in risky residences and properties in remote areas.

There is an effective communication between regional offices, guards and our customers. This collaboration brings unrivalled security at residential and commercial properties which are vacant, still under construction or otherwise susceptible to vandalism and burglary. All aspects of the Mi7 Club security guarding services can be tailored to meet customer requirements and budgets.